Land O’Lakes Inc. Is a Farmer-Owned Cooperative with over 3,100 members.

We continuously work to ensure that farmers and the land they care for have the resources they need —because we believe that farmers are at the center of creating a better world for us all.

Farmers represent fewer than 1% of the U.S. population. Yet they’re responsible for solving some of society’s biggest challenges, like how to sustainably feed a population of 450 million by 2050 amid increasingly challenging conditions.

We’re recognizing why Farmers Are Incredible and celebrating those who provide for us by advocating for the truths and resources that help us build a better future.

Fewer than 1%
Feeds 100%

With the responsibility of feeding the entire U.S. population, farmers are constantly innovating to find efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions necessary for a stable food supply and future.

A Need for More Food In The Next 40 Years

Farmers play a major role in solving the world’s most pressing needs, like meeting the critical demand for more food to be produced in the next 40 years than in the previous 10,000.

88% of All U.S. Food Production

Family-owned and operated farms make up a significant majority of those who supply our food—which makes for a resilient group dedicated to supporting their communities and protecting natural resources.

'A time of transformation' for connected communities

Rural broadband brings economic, health and cultural benefits to communities across America.

Rural is key to climate resilience

From carbon capture to soil conservation, rural Americans are working to solve the biggest challenges we face

Thriving in 'The Middle of Somewhere'

Connection, of people and technology, creates vibrancy in rural America

Farmers Are Incredible: The All-Ag Team

Here's why we enlisted the help of college and professional football players to form the first ever All-Ag Team