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Beth Ford: 'The resilience of the farmer is impressive'

The work of our nation’s farmers and food supply chain workers is critically important

Beth Ford: 'The resilience of the farmer is impressive'


During these unprecedented times -- one thing still remains the same: we all must eat. That’s why the work of our nation’s farmers and food supply chain workers is critically important. 
At Land O’Lakes we see the full value chain, from our dairy farmers to our network of processors to our partners in retail and we celebrate their dedication and recognize their critically important efforts.
To further spotlight the importance of these partners -- Land O’Lakes CEO and President Beth Ford spoke this week with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network and Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News about what the business is doing to ensure the consistent, safe food supply amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cattle In A Field
Ford assured Dave Lee of WCCO-CBS-Minnesota that our “partners are working at the state, federal and local level to make sure that processing plants are working and making sure that transportation occurs so we can get food where it needs to be and where consumers are buying it.”
She also took the opportunity to say thank you to Land O’Lakes farmer-owners and employees, who she said, “have been showing up every day, working hard to make sure we continue with this safe, affordable food supply.” 
“The resilience of the American farmer is quite impressive,” said Ford. “They have had some concerns about the drop in commodity prices, but they are going to get out in the field and do the work that they do and have done, every day.”
Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, Ford said that Land O’Lakes “has put in place new cleaning regiments, new protective regiments and has tried to recognize employees by investing in them with additional wages.”

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