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This is who we are: Farmer-owned for nearly 100 years

How farmers champion innovation -- and define our purpose

This is who we are: Farmer-owned for nearly 100 years


As a farmer-owned co-op, we know how hard the men and women involved in agriculture work each and every day.

While 2020 has challenged every facet of our daily lives, those who make, grow, harvest, and produce our food never slowed down. And we’d be remiss to overlook this.

This National Farmers Day -- and every day -- we’re tipping our hat to the grit, entrepeneurial spirit, resilience and never-ending hard work of those who never give up on feeding the world.

For nearly 100 years (and counting) farmers have remained our foundation. Feel free to take a few minutes and explore why we stand with farmers:

A View Of Sheds On A Farm With Machinery Nearby

Digesting manure and recycling food waste to keep the family farm running

Here's how technology and sustainability lured the the next generation back to Reinford Farms.

Kids: Meet your dairy farmers

When people drive by a farm, what do they think about? The family who lives there? The food they produce? Sue Hess of Hessdale Farm in Pennsylvania wonders about this a lot. That’s what inspired her to partner with her local school district to help students get to know her family’s farm, through their lunch menu staples.
The Dufek Family

Sticking with it

Larry Dufek emerged from personal adversity ready to improve his farm and deepen his relationship with Land O'Lakes.

The Farmer

By Amelia Barr (1831-1919)

The king may rule o’er land and sea,
The lord may live right royally,
The soldier ride in pomp and pride,
The sailor roam o’er ocean wide;
But this or that, whate’er befall,
The farmer he must feed them all.
[Full poem here]

Something Greater podcast: Rural broadband 

Americans in rural areas know the lack of high-speed internet (commonly known as broadband) is a major problem. Having that access is no longer a luxury. It plays a role in outcomes across healthcare, education, job creation and culture. it’s a necessity for work -- and overall quality of life. 

Want to know more about what we're doing about it? Explore the American Connection Project right here.

Where goodness grows 

While the country continues to face uncertainty, Land O’Lakes member-owners work tirelessly to ensure the food supply chain remains strong, whether at home, at school or at the restaurants that have faced challenges in 2020. This is a continuation of our commitment that puts our members front-and-center for our consumers. 

Jim Nash In The Cab Of His Tractor

Farmers find a way

Jim Nash is the lone drifter among 1,600 acres of land he farms in Southern Minnesota. How does he do it? Being on the cutting edge of all things ag tech.

An Aerial View Of A Hay Field

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