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Land O’Lakes Venture37 announces seven new funding awards

Funding will come from multiple sectors, supporting a wide range of international development projects

Land O’Lakes Venture37 announces seven new funding awards


From the launch of a new name, to continuing to deliver a wide range of development projects across the globe, 2019 has been a big year for Land O'Lakes Venture37! On November 19, the nonprofit organization built on the momentum when it announced seven new projects it was awarded in 2019, representing a diverse range of funding sources.

From dairy productivity and pest management, to food safety and disaster recovery, Land O'Lakes Venture37 will work with funders representing multiple government institutions, foundations and nonprofit organizations to help make a difference around the world through these seven new projects.

You can learn more about this announcement via the Land O'Lakes Venture37 Insights Hub, where you can view the full media release.

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About Land O'Lakes Venture37
Land O’Lakes Venture37 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping communities around the world build economies by strengthening local agriculture, helping agribusinesses create jobs and linking farmers to markets. Since 1981, it has implemented over 300 integrated dairy, livestock and crops development programs in nearly 80 countries — creating lasting impact by linking farmers, businesses, and the public and private sector in local and global contexts. Land O’Lakes Venture37’s long-standing affiliation with Land O’Lakes, Inc. sets it apart. Land O’Lakes, Inc. is one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, with $15 billion in 2018 sales, ranking 212 on the Fortune 500. It supports Land O’Lakes Venture37 project implementation with nearly 100 years of expertise in dairy, animal nutrition, crop inputs and agricultural insights and technologies. This gives Land O’Lakes Venture37 development projects a unique global view of agriculture, food and the power of well-functioning market systems. Land O’Lakes, Inc. supports these efforts as part of its enterprise purpose of Feeding Human Progress at home and around the world.

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