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Beth Ford on CNN: 'There is plenty of food'

One of the pillars of our national security is our safe and affordable food supply

Beth Ford on CNN: 'There is plenty of food'


Uncertain times like this one highlight just how critical our farmers and food supply chain workers are. Land O’Lakes President and CEO Beth Ford talked with CNN’s Poppy Harlow today and expressed confidence in the continuity of our food system, sharing the message that the food and agriculture industry is working hard—and working together—to continue boosting the nation’s strong food supply.
“One of the pillars of our national security is our safe and affordable food supply,’ Ford commented. “There is plenty of food. Milk production is strong, farmers are getting back in the field...This is a distribution challenge right now.”

When CNN asked what the industry needs the most to continue on the path of success, Beth underscored that continued coordination between industry and all levels of government will be key, and that Americans can have confidence in food availability.
“Food is available. Farmers are getting into the fields, we are moving goods, milk production is strong, we are coordinating across the sector, so it is not an availability issue right now,” she said.
It’s important to note as things continue that the food supply is considered part of the nation’s critical infrastructure according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Beth Ford on Boss Files
These are unprecedented, uncertain and difficult times, but one constant is that our farmers and workers are continuing to work hard to support the nation’s food supply. Beth Ford, Land O’Lakes President and CEO, spoke with CNN’s Poppy Harlow for the Boss Files Podcast and reaffirmed that while food production and supply remain steady, we all must work together to support one another, as many people are struggling. 
Harlow asked Beth Ford about what it is like to be a CEO and lead a company in this unprecedented time, Ford answered that she and her team are trying to live their values.
“This is about our community. Remember, ninety-six percent of farms are still family-owned. These are families, and they have the same concerns,” Ford said. “Their kids are out of school, they need to have access to food, and many of them don’t have technology availability and broadband to access telemedicine and tele-education. It is an unchartered time, but I think it is important now to be a good person and understand the concern, listen and communicate.”
When asked by Harlow how farmers are managing this new reality, Ford told her that “my belief is that farmers will always figure things out.”
Listen to the interview here

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