Brett Bruggeman

 Brett Bruggeman

President, WinField United and EVP, Land O'Lakes, Inc.
On the team since 2015

“We have three big rocks we try to stay focused on. It starts with the customer. Understand their needs and everything will work out. Second, we focus on recruiting and retaining the highest level of talent. Last is our quest for continuous improvement by embracing innovation.”

Brett serves as executive vice president, Land O’Lakes, Inc. and president of Land O’Lakes’ crop inputs and insights business WinField® United, focused on delivering data-backed, insights driven agronomics, operational excellence and sustainable solutions to help locally owned and operated agricultural retailers meet farmers’ needs.

Prior to his current role, Brett served as senior vice president of marketing and offer development for WinField® United. Brett joined Land O’Lakes, Inc. in 2015 with the merger of the Land O’Lakes and United Suppliers seed and crop protection products businesses known today as WinField® United.

Brett joined United Suppliers in 2007 with primary responsibilities for business unit profit and loss and balance sheet, manufacturer programs and relationships, people management—recruitment and retention, proprietary business development, and overall strategy development. Prior to United Suppliers Brett worked at BASF in the United States and internationally.  

B.S., Iowa State University

United Suppliers
WinField United 

Additional leadership 
GreenPoint Ag Board of Directors  
CropLife America Board of Directors 
Polk City School Board of Directors