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From monkey biscuits to zebra pellets, the animals still need to be fed

Here’s how Mazuri is helping zoos and aquariums -- and how you can, too

Monkeys still leap from tree-to-tree with acrobatic ease. Lions still lounge lazily in the mid-day sun. And jellyfish still float through the water with hypnotic grace.
But they’re doing it all without a troop of inquisitive school kids and families - and the accompanying ticket sales.
“Since the arrival of the coronavirus and the many Shelter at Home Orders, visitor traffic to zoos and aquariums has plummeted to a record-breaking low or stopped altogether,” says John Zeloski, Director of Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition.
“Animals capture our hearts, minds and imaginations and we’re proud to produce the food that feeds animals in 99% of all zoos and aquariums in the U.S.,” says John. “Rest assured, we continue to produce that feed – everything from our insectivore diet for giant anteaters to wild herbivore for giraffes to shark and ray tablets – and zoo keepers and aquarium managers continue to feed the animals in their care.”
However, without revenue from ticket sales, many zoos and aquariums are struggling and have furloughed or let go some staff.
To show our support and encourage others to do the same, Mazuri® has donated $15,000 to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA.org) and $15,000 to the Zoological Association of America (ZAA).
“These organization support and provide guidance to zoos and aquariums across the country and they share our commitment to helping with the conservation of threatened or endangered animals,” says John.
“As a world leader in quality exotic animal nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal, we think it’s important to also be a leader in lending a helping hand during this challenging time for the industry.”
How you can help
Here are a few ways you can help before June 1:

  • Make a donation to the AZA.org Employee Relief Fund or ZAA.org  COVID Relief Care

  • Donate to your favorite zoo or aquarium

  • Where allowed by your state, visit your local zoo and aquarium

  • Learn more about the amazing diversity of animals and share with the entire family: