Aerial shot of farmland

2021: The latest chapter in our 100-year growth story

Our year was defined by more than just the financial results

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a 100-year-old farmer- and retailer-owned cooperative originally formed with the purpose of working together to create new market opportunities. Fast forward to today and we’ve built on that uniting spirit, developing a comprehensive and leading view of agriculture while maintaining an unwavering commitment to delivering strong annual performance and long-term, shared success with our member-owners. 
Like so many organizations, Land O’Lakes faced a number of challenging circumstances in 2021. But our cooperative system stepped up to the challenge delivering net earnings of $295 million with net sales of $16 billion.
However, our year was defined by more than just the financial results. In this year’s Annual Report, we’re highlighting some of the unique ways we are working toward a sustainable future, helping create vibrant rural communities and supporting a plentiful food supply that feeds the world and grows the farm economy. You can check out our full Annual Report here.

2021 was just the latest chapter in our 100-year growth story. We continue to diversify, innovate and lead. We’re evolving. And that includes a fresh look and tagline for our enterprise brand (Land O’Lakes, Inc.) that you’ll also see in our Annual Report.
The new Land O’Lakes, Inc. logo -- the root system -- and the “Rooted in Tomorrow” brand line tie our four business (Dairy Foods, Purina Animal Nutrition, WinField United and Truterra) together and embody our purpose: Putting our farmers and retailers at the heart of creating a better world.

This video is all about the relentless cooperation of our farmers and members and how they’re helping us solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. It’s farmers who are ensuring a sustainable future and providing a plentiful food supply. They’re truly helping create a better world. In 2022, you’ll see the new Land O’Lakes, Inc. logo and tagline appear on the company website and at Land O’Lakes, Inc. headquarters in Arden Hills, Minnesota. The new logo will not appear on consumer or retail packaging.
We’ve started 2022 in a position of strength thanks to the hard work of our employees and member-owners, as well as the resilience of the cooperative system. The dedication of our teams continues to ensure our success as we head into our second century.