Making an impact

Land O’Lakes, Inc. 2023 Community Impact Report highlights our important work and the progress we’re making.

At Land O’Lakes, our core purpose is to put farmers and agricultural retailers at the heart of creating a better world for all of us. As one of America’s largest cooperatives—with a network that touches half the harvested acres in the U.S.—we’re committed to the vibrancy and vitality of the communities and individuals charged with ensuring a resilient food system that benefits every one of us.  
We are pleased to share our 2023 Community Impact Report. The report expands on the work that has long been underway across Land O’Lakes, Inc. and showcases the activities and progress we’re making toward achieving our Community Impact Goals. 


Our efforts are focused in areas where our businesses and cooperative network can have the most impact—especially in contributing to the vibrancy of rural communities, enhancing sustainability across our supply chain, and ensuring a safe and plentiful food supply. 
Here are just a few highlights from this year’s report: 

  • Surpassed our 2030 goal of 3 million pounds of in-kind product donations in just one year—thanks to Land O’Lakes innovation through Spoiler Alert, recently featured in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards. 

  • Expanded our innovative Flex Work Program to 60 manufacturing facilities across the U.S.  

  • Sequestered over 1 million metric tons of carbon (and returning $21 million to farmers) since the inception of our Truterra carbon program.  

  • Contributed a total of $9.9 million to nonprofit organizations across our national footprint, supporting a culture of giving that’s been the cornerstone of our cooperative since 1921. 

Learn more about how we’re supporting a safe and plentiful food supply, a sustainable future and vibrant communities in our 2023 Community Impact Report.