A heart made of a splash of milk

Cheese, cottage cheese and celebrities

Dairy consumption is the the highest it's been in 30 years -- so we're sharing its benefits and the latest trends

The dairy shelves in the grocery store look a lot different than they used to. But with more options than ever, a recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report says many plant-based milk alternatives don’t have the same amount of calcium, vitamin D or other nutrients as milk. In honor of June Dairy Month, we will take a deep dive into new studies that reveal the benefits of eating cheese, the cottage cheese craze taking over TikTok and the celebrities coming out in support of drinking dairy milk. 

New research says you can (continue) eating cheese

Go to any social gathering and it’s almost guaranteed there will be a cheese board on hand. However, cheese often gets a bad rap for being a food you should feel guilty about eating because it’s blamed for causing weight gain and digestive issues like bloating. There’s good news: New studies showcase what we already know – cheese isn’t just delicious, it’s also much more nutritious than you may think. A Washington Post article provided some of the findings and dairy industry insights, which include the role cheese has in a healthy diet and the benefits of fermented foods to human gut-health, among other potential health benefits when eaten in moderation
“For many people, cheese is a significant source of calcium in their diet,” said Maggie Maggio, Culinary Dietitian and Nutrition Expert at Land O’Lakes. “It’s especially beneficial for picky eaters. Adding cheese to healthy proteins and vegetables can encourage both kids and adults to eat more balanced meals.” 

Cottage cheese makes a comeback 

Cottage cheese is finally getting the love it deserves, thanks to TikTok. There are over 240 million views for #cottagecheese on the social media app as of mid-May with users sharing creative recipes. Cottage cheese can be divisive due to its texture. But TikTokers are sharing recipes like the viral cottage cheese ice cream, cottage cheese pancakes, cottage cheese pizza toast, cottage cheese pasta, whipped cottage cheese dip and more. As many social media users say, “Don’t knock it until you try it!” 

Celebrities share their love for milk 

Two big Hollywood stars are showing their support for milk. A well-known actress was recently featured in a milk campaign ad in which she plays the founder of a fake company that milks trees to produce a gray, pulpy “Wood Milk.” The viral spoof was created by Milk Processor Education Program (PEP), which is the same group behind the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign.   
Plus, you’ll never guess which celebrity recently revealed she uses whole milk instead of milk alternatives in her morning lattes and getting sponsored by @gonnaneedmilk on Instagram. Check out the post here

Get cooking with dairy 

At Land O’Lakes, we are excited about the future of dairy, as per capita dairy consumption is at the highest it has been in 30 years. Our teams are working to capitalize on these cultural moments by sharing how consumers can not only feel good about buying Land O’Lakes products that directly benefit over 1,000 dairy-farmer owners, but they should also feel good about consuming products that will fuel their bodies. Need some inspiration for meals featuring dairy that you can make at home? Check out our June Dairy Month recipe collection for ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus sweet treats, too!