A Close Up Of The Sculpture

Land O'Lakes kicks off 100th anniversary celebrations with commemorative sculpture

New headquarters courtyard centerpiece celebrates the past -- and future -- of Land O’Lakes

During our Aug. 4 Employee Town Hall, Land O’Lakes unveiled its commemorative 100th anniversary statue, fittingly entitled "Rooted in Tomorrow", to kick off several weeks of anniversary activities. The bronze sculpture, modeled after an image of a Land O’Lakes member and grandchild “walking the farm,” symbolizes how our cooperative is celebrating a century of innovation and fostering relationships.

The grandfather and grandchild are a nod to how our member families, employees and consumers have enabled us to thrive for over a century -- and how we are looking forward with hope and optimism.
And it was crafted by one of our own. Minnesota-based artist Deb Zeller is the granddaughter of a former Land O’Lakes dairy member and has been sculpting in bronze since 1999. She spent over a year drawing, continuing with multiple rounds of clay sculpting before ultimately refining the bronze, which stands just over six feet tall. The statue was fabricated by Casting Creations of Minnesota.
“This opportunity was inspired by many recollections of working around our farm with my dad, a proud Land O’Lakes dairy man,” says Deb. “In farming, we say we manage so the next generations can thrive. I see this work telling that story -- the little girl is leading the family farm into the future, encouraged by the strength and character of those who raised her there.”
Deb teaches drawing, paintings and sculpting from her Hopkins, Minnesota, studio. Her sculptures are on display in Minnesota, Iowa, California and Canada.
"Rooted in Tomorrow": Another step forward on our journey into the next century.