Person holding a red Purina feed tub

Purina Recycling Partnership continues to expand

Recycled feed tubs have new life in communities

Every year, U.S. ranchers and ag retailers struggle to dispose of roughly 7.6 million empty plastic feed tubs produced by the feed industry. The Purina Recycling Partnership – which launched in Q4 2019 provides customers with a sustainable solution for recycling empty plastic feed tubs.
“As farmers, and as a farmer-owned cooperative, we’re very concerned about the environment we live in, that we grow our crops in, that we grow livestock in, that we grow families in,” says Chris Pearson, the CEO of Agtegra Cooperative. “This opportunity has really given us a way to make sure those tubs turn into something positive for our communities.”
Here’s how it works. Purina has partnered with our dealers and cooperatives to provide solutions for recycling clean empty tubs. Customers can bring back empty Purina tubs, as well as other branded tubs. Following these drop off events, collected tubs are then sent to a manufacturer/processer and the tubs are recycled into eco-friendly, plastic benches - which is an excellent example of the circular economy in action. Just 10 tubs are needed to make one bench.
“The feedback from the Purina Recycling Partnership has been very positive,” says Tanya Dowda, Director of Sourcing, Business Alignment & Supplier Diversity. “It’s a partnership that will help build a circular economy that will benefit us all.”

Thinking clearly--innovative ClearView tubs

Two years since its launch, the program continues to expand with the introduction of the new innovative ClearView Tubs, which brings a unique sustainable solution for our customers, while offering producer and supply chain efficiencies.
ClearView Tubs allow producers to see the feed level from a distance versus having to get out of the truck to look in each tub. It also allows plant operators to see fill rates on the line, which minimizes overflow of product.
By working together, empty tubs are just the beginning of something bigger,” Tanya says. “Purina and our supply chain are partnering with customers and suppliers to redefine what it means to be responsible for materials throughout supply chain.”
Watch our Purina Recycling Partnership video to learn more about our sustainability journey and the communities it benefits.