For policies that help farmers, it takes us all to speak up

Land O’Lakes legislative advocacy programs help farmers tell their stories in ways that influence positive change for farmers locally and nationally

Land O'Lakes, Inc. Legislative Advocacy Image

Introverted Brad Vold didn’t expect to ever be face-to-face with Sonny Perdue, telling him about how his farm feels the impact of policy and trade implications every day. But he didn’t get there by chance. It was through a series of small steps and the support of a co-operative organization.
Brad, his wife and brother own and operate 450-cow Dorrich Dairy in west central Minnesota. He and his wife joined the Young Dairy Leaders Institute years ago because they were interested in telling farmers’ stories. Through the experience, Brad eventually gained training and experience to take on more outward-facing advocacy.
“I used to have the same thoughts that … somebody else will do it,” Brad says, but he came to realize that it takes every one of us stepping forward to be able to make our collective voice heard in the political system.
Through the legislative advocacy arm of its member services, Land O’Lakes supports members in identifying key policy priorities -- at state and federal levels -- and developing policy positions that bring value to our members, build consumer trust and proactively address regulatory intervention.
Brad has some advice for those interested in advocacy -- from how and where to introduce yourself, to building relationships across partisan lines, to helping out if you’re not interested in face-to-face advocacy. Watch the video for Brad’s full interview: