Accessing rural broadband -- strengthened through co-operative power

Lack of high-speed internet access affects every part of our business, but together we’re working to bridge members to providers

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Today, technology touches every aspect of the way we work, and it affects our customers more than ever before. As the IT manager at member co-op MKC, Matt Friesen experiences firsthand the way tech is shaping agriculture -- and vice versa.
Matt always knew MKC’s products and services offered great value to customers, but he was dismayed when he checked in with the co-op’s sales representatives to the resounding reply: Help. The problem? High-speed internet access, the way for customers to connect to so many of MKC’s products and services, varied across the co-op’s central Kansas territory, with up to a third of the region lacking access.
Matt turned to Land O’Lakes to bridge the gap. Land O’Lakes was able to help connect MKC with major broadband providers, like Verizon and Cox, funneling those resources back into local communities.
As part of its member services, Land O’Lakes works with member-owners to highlight the issue of rural broadband access, and is seeking cross-sector partnerships to help resolve it. Lack of broadband affects the productivity of our member-owners and quality of life in the communities they call home. However, our member-owned model strengthens our ability to shine a spotlight on rural broadband and develop potential partnerships and solutions.
Watch the video to learn more about Matt’s background with MKC, his participation on Land O’Lakes IT technology council with other member-owners and how he answered a literal call to action that turned an influential customer into a real brand champion for his co-op.