Ag and environmental groups introduce Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance

Alliance seeks to develop and advocate for shared climate policy priorities

photo of crop field with The Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance in writing

A new coalition of agriculture, food, and environmental groups, led by the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, rolled out a set of recommendations this week around climate action. The Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA), which also includes the American Farm Bureau Federation. the National Farmers Union, and the Environmental Defense Fund joins farmers, forest owners, the food sector, state governments and environmental advocates together to develop and promote shared climate policy priorities.
“As toward the 2021 policy landscape, climate continues to be at the forefront and agriculture is asserting its position alongside others in shaping solutions,” said Autumn Price, vice president for Government Relations at Land O’Lakes, Inc. “Land O’Lakes is also working on Capitol Hill and across federal agencies to share how our member-owners are part of any climate action solution and that their voices are heard.”
Land O’Lakes, through our business units WinField United and Truterra, is harnessing evolving technology and data insights to help farmers identify and adopt on-farm stewardship practices that boost profitability and resilience. Much of this work involves helping farmers identify management practices that both reduce GHG emissions and improve the health of soils by sequestering carbon, while also maintaining a focus on farmer productivity and profitability. As discussions climate policy continue, we will be sharing these success stories and our learnings to influence the future of food and ag.
This work, and the work by the FACA, will continue Land O’Lakes’ position as a convener and trusted advisor on these issues.
You can learn more about the FACA here