Land O'Lakes CTO Teddy Bekele named chair of new FCC Precision Ag Task Force

New federal task force seeks to promote rapid, expanded deployment of broadband

Teddy Bekele

On Tuesday, November 19, Land O'Lakes was pleased to learn the exciting news that Teddy Bekele, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Land O’Lakes, Inc., was named to serve as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission’s new precision agriculture task force.
The task force is charged to work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop policy recommendations to promote the rapid, expanded deployment of broadband to further the use of precision agriculture technology. 
Teddy’s appointment to serve as chairman of this new task force is welcome news that complements Land O’Lakes’ focus on expanding high-speed internet access. More than 24 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet, including 19 million in rural America. As a farmer-owned cooperative, Land O’Lakes sees every day how this creates challenges for agriculture and threatens the future of rural communities. As we work diligently to address the issue, we are proud that Teddy has been designated to take on a leadership role in the national discussion on expanding high-speed internet access in rural America.
You can learn more about this announcement from the FCC at this link.