Building system relevance through talent and technology

WinField United and Truterra are working together closer than ever to support retail-owners

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Together with our owners, Land O’Lakes and its businesses are committed to driving total acre profitability each season while simultaneously creating and shaping new markets that value how farmers manage their fields as much as final yields. You’ve seen this come to life recently with the expansion of the Truterra carbon program, the growth of our Advanced Acre Rx services and our continued leadership in agronomic placement.
Building on this momentum requires the right combination of talent and digital tools that help enhance productivity while supporting the transition and monetization of farmers’ sustainability efforts. As we roll out these offerings, WinField United and Truterra are working together closer than ever to effectively support retail-owners and the network of growers they serve.


In April, Truterra introduced a network of specialized advisors to support farmers’ transitions to more sustainable practices. These advisors will provide technical assistance to ag retailers and farmers working with Truterra to help tackle common challenges farmers face when transitioning to regenerative management systems.
Technical expertise is a huge barrier we hear that farmers face when considering adopting more sustainable practices, so this is one way we are looking to fill that gap and add value for farmers and ag retailers. Retailers can access these transformational advisors by contacting their Truterra Account Managers.
While these advisors will be available to retailers working with Truterra, your local WinField United account team is still owners’ go-to resource for total acre support. Through our scientific approach, this team can help work through the Fundamental Five agronomic decisions farmers can take to support season-long crop management, while also positioning the right products and services to provide a better return investment.

Digital tools

In addition to the local expertise offered through our network, WinField United ag technologies aggregate and safely manage our system’s data, then convert it to actionable economic and agronomic insights. Today, this comes to life through proprietary technologies like the ATLAS, R7® Tool, R7® Field Forecasting Tool and NutriSolutions® Tool, plus sales enablement and system efficiency tools like Evolve.
We’re also taking an alliance mindset approach to working with leading digital partners such as Microsoft, EarthDaily Agro, ITK, various ERP companies and now AgVend. We believe this approach can greatly accelerate systemwide digital adoption in areas like supply chain efficiency, sales enablement, decision ag and process standardization, which further enhances our ability to turn our system’s data into a real-time advantage.
Building on this alliance mindset approach, Truterra has teamed up with Farmobile, AGI’s data collection technology, to automate and streamline data entry and make carbon market participation more accessible for farmers. We know data entry can be cumbersome, so this partnership aims to simplify that process by producing a complete third-party Electronic Field Record – including high precision field activities – from the ag retailers’ and farmers’ equipment that satisfies the data requirement for Truterra’s carbon program.
By integrating this data into the Truterra sustainability tool, we seek to address the data collection and entry challenges and increase adoption and enrollment in carbon programs and additional future market opportunities. The pilot project will test drive this innovative approach with a subset of ag retailers with the potential to scale the collaboration to additional ag retailers in the future. 
We are marching ahead together with a go-to-market approach aimed at enhancing the relevance of our locally owned retail network and securing a bright future for the growers of tomorrow. Our owners’ position as trusted advisor and the full footprint of Land O’Lakes, Inc. means we have an ability to create new value streams by driving farmer adoption and creating new market opportunities.