Meet our 2022 Direct Member Scholarship Winners

In its sixth year, the direct member scholarship program received an overwhelming number of outstanding applications

Student on a college campus

The class of 2022 has been through so much. They didn’t have a typical high school experience. The global pandemic shut down their schools midway through their sophomore year. Then they spent the rest of that semester and most, if not all, of their junior year taking online classes.  
Land O’Lakes is proud to recognize three outstanding students of the class of 2022 by awarding them the Land O’Lakes Direct Member Scholarship to be used toward their higher education in the upcoming fall semester.  
As a cooperative, Land O’Lakes is committed to providing products and services in support of member businesses, while also assisting member communities and families. Three $5,000 scholarships are awarded annually for this purpose.  

2022 winners 

Delainee Fernandes (Daughter of Jared Fernandes of Legacy Ranches #1 and #2): Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Delainee Fernandes is from Tulare, California, and plans to study Agriculture Business/Accounting at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Delainee has been part of the Varsity Sideline and Competition Cheer team and a local dance team throughout her high school career. During the pandemic, she also created and led study groups over FaceTime and Zoom for her classmates, and sewed and donated masks to a local hospital. Delainee has also been involved in her family’s farm.  
“I chose Agriculural Business to combine my love for mathematics and passion for the dairy industry,” Delainee says. “Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I intend to return to my hometown to work as an agricultural accountant for a bank or business and aspire to one day manage and operate a dairy of my own.” 
Katelyn Ketchum (Granddaughter of Don Bangart of Viaduct Holstein LLC): University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Katelyn is from Altura, Minnesota, and plans to study Agricultural Education at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Katelyn has been involved in the National Honor Society, Student Council, FFA, 4H, volleyball and softball throughout her high school career. She hopes to take over her family’s farm in the future.  
“Further down the road, I plan to come back to my family’s farm and someday take over what my parents and grandparents made possible for my sister and I,” says Katelyn. “I feel that agriculture is very important to our world and in the lives of children. There are many life lessons I have learned growing up on a farm and I hope to someday give my own children those same opportunities.” 
Katheryn Longenecker (Granddaughter of Frederick England and daughter of Yvette Longenecker of Penn England LLC): Pennsylvania State University  
Katheryn is from Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, and plans to study Animal Science and Agricultural Business at Pennsylvania State University. Katheryn has been involved in FFA, 4-H, Momentum Ministry Partners, soccer and basketball throughout her high school career. She has also served as the Blair County Alternate Dairy Princess. She hopes to one day run an animal breeding operation of her own.  
“Through this career, I will be able to work with farmers to improve breeding, animal growth, and nutrition,” says Katheryn.” Aiding animals in their journey of growth and health will ultimately put more food on tables at prices that benefit the consumer while generating profits for the producer. I am anxious to see where this career will take me and what goals and outcomes await my future.” 

More about the Direct Member Scholarship 

Applications for next year will open in January 2023. All students entering their first year of college or University who are children or grandchildren of a direct member producer are eligible. Applications are available in the Community Involvement section of the Members home page
A reminder that students pursuing 2-year degrees and technical college programs are also eligible for this scholarship – one of 2019’s scholarship recipients pursued a technical degree.  
If you want to learn more about last year’s winners, check out this Member News Article.