Member Assistance Program: Prioritize your wellbeing with MyLifeMatters

Program offers hundreds of online and phone wellness resources available to Land O’Lakes Dairy Members

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Now is the right time to prioritize your physical and mental health. Many people, especially those who work in agriculture, face additional stress at the end of the year and Land O’Lakes has a program partnership called LifeMatter to help support your physical and mental wellbeing. This program, provided by Empathia, is free for all Land O’Lakes Dairy Members and provides hundreds of resources accessible 24/7.
If you or a loved one needs health and wellbeing resources, please check out this program. Below is a list of options for you today:

Call the toll-free hotline

LifeMatters offers our dairy members 24/7 access to a toll-free hotline where consultants will help direct you to professional counselors. Counselors help you and your family members with a wide variety of issues; from emotional and stress related issues, to alcohol and drug abuse problems, to family needs. To get full access to services, indicate that you are a Land O’Lakes Member to the counselor who picks up the call. No one will be turned away from the hotline.
Each member has access to six (6) free face-to-face or video call counseling sessions annually.

The hotline is 1-800-634-6433 and is completely confidential.

Visit the website

In addition to the hotline, the Empathia website, offers hundreds of free resources on a variety of topics including mindfulness, childcare, healthcare, substance abuse, physical and emotional well-being and financial assistance.
The entire website can be accessed by entering the password “LOL” into
You can remain anonymous or also have the option to create your own personal account, which will provide access to even more trainings and webinars (at no cost).
Here is a preview of just some of the features on the website:

Contact information page

List of available topics
Resources available by topic. 
Online assessments and resources by topic

Take a brief self-reflection and set a plan to prioritize yourself

For agriculture, stressors may include things like financial concerns (equipment purchases, mortgage, insurance), personal or family concerns (death, illness, family demands), physical injuries, changes in farm policies, loss of crops or livestock and weather. No one should have to cope with major stressors alone.

We encourage all our employees and members to make a plan for their mental and physical health. It doesn’t have to be long and involved, just answer for yourself: Where will I keep this number if I need it? What kinds of things are available on the website that might be helpful to me? What is my current support system and where might I need some additional help?
As a farmer-owned cooperative, we recognize the unique pressures that farmers face and continue to encourage meaningful discussions surrounding mental health in rural communities. While Land O'Lakes isn't a healthcare provider, we can use our vast network to connect our members to people who are. You may not need assistance now, but if you or a family member needs help in the future, LifeMatters is an option for you. 

Print this information card

Print out this 5x7 information card for a quick reference to these services. Click here to download and print.