Member Elections: Meet your candidates

Candidate bios and board campaign video bios now available

Vote Land O

It’s almost time to cast your vote to elect leaders who will represent you and your fellow members on the corporate board of directors, regional executive councils or regional leadership councils.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of our grassroots governance system to help elect the best possible candidates to advocate for your interests and protect the equity of all member-owners.

Land O’Lakes is proud to have been founded on democratic principles and your cooperative’s future depends on the strength of the member-elected leadership. The nominations have closed, and candidate profiles are now available to review online.

Visit this page to review candidates and their bios.

NOTE: You can access this password-protected content on the new Members Site by entering your current Ag2Ag (Business Link) username and password.

Voting Instructions

Beginning Dec. 3, you will have the ability to cast your vote electronically (via smart phone, tablet or computer) or by paper ballot (dairy only). The polls will remain open until Dec. 28 at 11:59 a.m.

Watch for more information on voting as we get closer to December.

Remember, we must achieve a quorum of at least 10 percent of the Region’s votes in order to have a valid election.

When to vote: Between December 3, 2018 and December 28, 2018.