2019 Land O'Lakes Leader Elections polls open next week

Don't miss your chance to vote


The elections for who represents you, the member-owners of Land O’Lakes, begin on December 3. If you are in Regions 51, 68, 80, 2, 3 or 4 you’ll be casting votes for your representative on the Corporate Board of Directors.

And every governance region will be selecting regional council members.

Why should you vote?

As the board governance committee vice-chair, Duane Hershey, a dairy farmer from Pennsylvania, says, “This is our cooperative -- owned by each of us. The ultimate oversight of the company is our collective responsibility. And it is our right, and I’d say obligation, to vote annually for the candidates that each of us feels will best represent us in leading Land O’Lakes.”

The future direction and success of the cooperative begins with member-owner engagement. And no engagement is more fundamental than the democratic act of casting a vote.

And we strive to make the act of voting as easy as possible. You can cast your vote electronically (via computer, smart phone or tablet) or by mail (dairy only). For information on how and where to vote (including candidate bios), visit the Election page on the member site.

Polls will stay open until Dec. 28 at 11:59 a.m. Results will be announced in early January.