Details for cooperative Business Meeting 

Delegates to conduct cooperative business at Annual Meeting

photo of land o lakes annual report on table

As member-owners gather for the 99th Annual Meeting of Land O’Lakes, Inc. Feb. 26, voting members and delegates will participate in the annual Business Meeting of the cooperative. At the Business Meeting, delegates will vote on the election of seven directors to the Corporate Board, two proposed bylaw changes and the 2020 Policies and Resolutions.

Corporate Board Nominees

Thank you to all those who participated and voiced their selections for the leaders of our cooperative. The final step for these Corporate Board winners is a confirmation vote by the members in attendance at the Business Meeting. If confirmed, the candidates will begin their four-year terms (unless otherwise noted) immediately following the vote.

Region 1 - Producer​

  • John Habedank (incumbent) – West Central Ag Services, Ulen, MN

Region 2 – Manager

  • Carl Dickinson – Central Valley Ag, York, NE

Region 5 – Manager​

  • Paul Coppin – Valley United Co-op, Reynolds, ND Region

52 – Producer

  • Andrew Mason – Chestertown, MD

Region 65​ – Producer

  • Christine Sukalski – LeRoy, MN

Region 80 – Producer

  • 4-Year Term: Jared Fernandes – Tipton, CA​

  • 1-Year Term: Justin Curti – Tulare, CA

Proposed Bylaw Changes

There are two sets of proposed bylaw amendments on the docket for members to approve at the Business Meeting. Members will have the opportunity to vote on each separately. 

1. Miscellaneous

  • Overview: Non-material changes; do not change meaning or operation of the bylaws. Intended to provide clarity; simplify language, eliminate potential for confusion, harmonize language among different sections of the bylaws, or simply read better.

2. Capper-Volstead Recommended Changes

  • Overview: Proposed bylaw changes, based on advice from counsel, are intended to prevent/defend lawsuits that threaten Capper-Volstead eligibility by adopting best-practice standards for membership and governance and emphasizing the importance of member’s day-to-day involvement in ag production.

2020 Policies and Resolutions

Each year, Land O’Lakes voting delegates review and approve a set of policies and resolutions that will guide the direction of Land O'Lakes’ legislative priorities.  The official Policies and Resolutions document is modified annually by the member-elected Policies and Resolutions Committee based on input from member-owners. Proposed changes may be submitted to your local committee representative up to Feb. 26.  

For more information on the Business Meeting, please visit the Annual Meeting Registration site. Should you have any questions regarding your responsibilities as a voting delegate, please contact Member Relations at 800-328-1341 or